The history of our Bed & Breakfast

The idea of a bed and breakfast came to us in 2000, the year of the Jubilee in Rome.

At that time we managed a coffe shop/restaurant near St. Peter’s.

Our clientele was half of the people who worked in shops and offices in the area and half of the tourists who passed in front of us to go to St. Peter’s Square. What was the difference between these two types of clientele? Tourists were always happy and helpful unlike the others who had to go to work had another kind of attitude ….. and then we looked at each other and we said: “we want to work with this type of happy clientele!

But we immediately realized that we would not be able to undertake this dream because the coffee shop was already engaging us all day. So we decided to postpone the project. It took 10 years, but in the end we made it!

Then, when we found ourselves having to decide what name to give the bed and breakfast we did not think much …. we live here and “Taste of home” was the right name! In our head this was a place where a guest not only goes to sleep, but a house where he should feel a little as if he were in “his home”, Free to come and go at will, free to snoop in the living room, free to take a book to read, free to knock on our door to ask and get any kind of information, to ask about any curiosity, advised about what to do in this beautiful city.

Sharing and being friendly is our watchword!
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